Forms & Agreements

This form helps inform sellers, lenders, landlords and brokers of your financial and management qualifications. It authorizes a credit check, which may be required by your future landlord and your lender if you need financing. Furnishing this form will help to present you as a serious, motivated and qualified Buyer. Your private information will not be shared without your permission.

This agreement authorizes release to you of confidential data for up to three specific businesses. It is your commitment not to disclose confidential data to anyone other than your attorney and/or CPA and to negotiate exclusively through your Broker.

This form helps prove your financial capacity to purchase a business.


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This is our agreement to keep your information confidential. It is our commitment not to disclose confidential information to anyone without your written permission.

This form may be used to reduce the terms of your lease document to a single page which includes the most important details.

Recasting your financial statements will allow prospective buyers and lenders to see the true earning power of your business.