Sell a South Florida business quietly, and for the right price

The most important first step when considering the sale of your business is finding an experienced advisor. Collins & Collins Investments understands this may be the single most important financial decision of your life. Our professionals have assisted hundreds of companies of all types and sizes by managing valuation, timing, negotiation, decision making and all the other steps required for a successful sale of your business. Collins & Collins Investments helps you achieve the best possible outcome.
Sell your business quietly, and for the right price
Your Company's privacy and goodwill are protected when we manage the sale of your business. Marketing effectively, yet quietly, is a delicately balanced process called generic marketing, which should be handled by an experienced advisor. The goal is to maximize exposure, but only to qualified and motivated prospective buyers. We avoid disclosing your information to unqualified prospective buyers who don't have the resources, management skills, and motivation to make a reasonable offer that can result in a successful transaction.

The Confidentiality Agreement used to protect you and your business has been crafted and reviewed by several Attorneys and is worded strongly in your favor. It provides specific legal remedies for breach of contract which are explained to prospective buyers and their advisors to avoid problems before they develop.