Requirements for Sellers

In order to help you realize the best price and terms for your business, it is important for your business intermediary to be well informed. The information and cooperation you provide will help us obtain the most advantageous sale for you. Copies (preferably digital) of the following information are required:

• A description of your business 
• Your lease and/or folio number
• Income tax forms (three years)
• List furniture, fixtures & equipment
• Inventory value (replacement cost)
• Contact data for Owners
• Contact data for Landlords
• Contact data for Accountants
• Contact data for Attorneys

Requirements for selling your business
It is also very useful to know about products sold, services rendered, patents, licenses, franchise agreements, equipment leases, other basic business agreements, financial statements including balance sheets for the past three years, copies of all notes, mortgages and security agreements, Internet domains, an accurate competitive analysis, a list of key employees, their job descriptions and salaries, and a current business valuation report.